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Presentation est une base de données des réalisations de l’architecture contemporaine en France et au Québec, conçue et développée par le Réseau des maisons de l’architecture. Son objectif est de diffuser et promouvoir l’architecture contemporaine. Ses cibles sont tout autant les professionnels du cadre bâti, les institutionnels que le grand public., the panorama of the Architecture Centre Network in images

To discover the many projects completed in France by architects; with images, to further investigate contemporary architecture; to be immediately informed about all new projects on the site by subscribing to a RSS stream; and… Such are the services provides., a website to transmit architecture

Architecture is a cultural expression. The site is aimed at all "end-users of architecture" towards which the Architecture Centre Network has worked for several years.

The Homepage displays project images in random as soon as you arrive on the site. You can also navigate the topics "housing", "public buildings and facilities", "planning and landscapes" to structure your search. An advanced search interface allows several criteria to be selected., a website to show architecture

Above all, images! Each project consulted in this database is illustrated by photos, plans, and sketches. It is possible to surf aimless on this site if only for pleasure of the eye but also to discover projects within a region, to choose here your single-family dwelling, to discover innovative urban facilities…

Each project can be downloaded in .pdf format., a website to promote the quality of architecture

A live and dynamic database, the site is supplied by all the Network Centres. And so, the site continuously grows with projects approved by each Centre within its region. Every Network Centre is responsible for the projects it puts online.

A single objective for each Centre: to promote the quality within its territory. A single objective for the Network: to diffuse and make known this quality., a website to collate contemporary architectural projects

The 33 Network Centres combine their efforts on a site to collate the wealth and interest of contemporary architecture within their region at a national level.

The "associated databases" section provides access to other existing databases developed by Network Centres; for example, on the occasion of an event., a website to enable professionals to submit projects directly online

Architects, you can submit your completed project by means of the form provided.
Updated: 11/8/2008